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  2. Obedience. Weak-willed, but passionate prostitute will perform any whim of the client not only in sex. It is the ideal, the authority to whom the beauty craves to surrender in foster care. 
  3. Moral obedience. Learn, enjoy not only blazing with passion the body, but most importantly – excited minds of the slaves. Surpass, dominate, win, time after time! 
  4. To be punished – her only wish. Your servant longs for you to dispose of it as you want. Corporal of flour, only add to the fire, doubling the pleasure. 
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  • To choose the time, place, subject 
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  • To use the full range of attributes for disciplinary practices and parenting sexual concubines – gags, collars, leashes, handcuffs, clamps, whips, and more! 

She will serve you, to admire, to do everything possible to meet the expectations, because to give pleasure to the Lord – the purpose of experienced, passionate slaves from Kharkiv!